Louisville Slugger- 2019 Youth Prime Maple Y271 Matte Black Baseball Bat Review

Louisville Slugger 2019 Youth Prime Maple Y271 Matte Black Baseball Bat combines both classic look and quality wood at an incredible value. The bat comes from Northern Ash, which provides a lightweight feel and flexibility. The flexibility of the bat isn’t found in most wood bats, and therefore, gives Ash bats a larger and great sweet spot.

This baseball bat design comes with a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter that makes it legal for use in just about any youth league.  It also has a flame tempered finish that gives it a classic, and yet trendy look. This bat is perfect for practice or playing games.

Many players prefer to use an inexpensive bat like this for batting practice to save their more expensive metal bat for gameplay only. Young hitters can step to the plate with confidence with the Louisville Slugger Youth Ash Baseball Bat. This lightweight bat is constructed of ash wood with a Hornsby finish for strength and durability and features a large, flexible sweet spot for powerful hits.

4 To -5 Length To Weight Ratio

The length to weight ratio of any baseball bat greatly matters when you are selecting the best baseball bat for your kid. The length to weight ratio of this bat helps the players to improve their batting speed and posture so that they can get improved performance.

Barrel Size

The bat has 2 1/4 barrel diameter which is pretty large for hitting the ball. Young baseball players feel comfortable using this bat because the large barrel allows for accurate shots.

Great for Practice or Games

It is great for practice because it is inexpensive to spend a lot of money on the expensive one which is a metal bat. It is also great because of its light weight with a Hornsby finish for strength and durability.

Natural Flame Tempered Finish

It has a natural flame tempered finish that gives it a classic, yet trendy look. This bat also has an MLB player’s autograph which gives motivation to young players and also encourages them to be better than them.


Northern White Ash Wood

 It’s made from Northern White Ash which popular for its lightweight feel and flexibility. This flexibility isn’t found in most wood and therefore gives ash bats a larger, more forgiving sweet spots hence powerful hits

Powerful Hits

The Louisville Slugger youth wood baseball bats are easy to use and practice because they are large and flexible with sweet spots making the players hit the ball.

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  • It is cheap and affordable
  • It is lightweight making it easy for play and practice
  • The bat features an incredibly dense construction for durability
  • You can get the bat in different lengths
  • It is perfect for playing youth leagues
  • The bat has a perfect handle and barrel


  • Cannot be used on a game play it’s only for practice.
  • It’s not very strong as compared to the metallic one which is used in the game play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you personalize, (carve), a name onto it?

A: Unfortunately we do not do any customization on the Louisville Slugger Ash Wood Youth Baseball Bat.I would suggest contacting the manufacturer and seeing if they do customization.

Q: How much does it weigh?

A: The Louisville Slugger Ash Wood Youth Baseball Bat has an approximate -4 to -5 drop weight.

Q: Why is this bat not legal for Little League?

A: The Louisville Slugger Ash Wood Bat is legal in Little League. So it can be used to play some baseball game leagues.

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Final Verdict

This is among the best baseball bats that you can get for your young player. If you have a kid between the ages of 10 to 15 years, this bat will work perfectly well with them. This solid youth baseball bat is durable meaning your child can enjoy many years of excellent playing when you buy them this bat.

They will increase their performance significantly as compared to other baseball bats. You will also love the natural finish in this bat that provides it with a nice look. This bat with unmatched is no doubt the best bat that you can get for your kid.


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