EASTON Typhoon -12 (2 1/4″) USA Youth Baseball Bat

One big mistake that many parents make is choosing a baseball bat that is perfect for young players. If your young player is using a bat that is not of their size, they might not perform well. Buying the best baseball bat for your kid gives them the chance to improve their batting skills.

Once you purchase the EASTON Typhoon Youth Baseball Bat for your child, you will note a significant change in their performance.

By this, I mean a change to the better. Easton has made this youth baseball bat to help young players express their skills and creativity in the field.

Players using this bat experience a great sound, nice pop and an effortless swing all the time. I remember buying this baseball bat for my nine years boy who was having a tournament last summer; this bat greatly helped him shine, and I believe it can help your young player too.

I have reviewed this bat to provide you with insight on its performance as well as some of its top selling qualities that set it apart from other bats on the market.

Comfortable Handle

How your child holds a bat will determine whether he will be able to hit the ball correctly. The best bats should offer an excellent grip so that players can get a full control of the bat when playing.

Manufacturers have designed this Easton bat with an Ultra-thin 29/32 composite handle featuring a performance diamond grip for the best holding.

Barrel Size

The barrel is the main area where the ball comes into contact with the bat.

A larger barrel makes it easy for you to get an accurate hit so you will not have to miss the ball. This bat has a 21/4 barrel size diameter, so you can be sure that you have a large hitting surface with you.


This is an incredible baseball bat. Authorities have certified it for use in different leagues.

It is perfectly usable for play in USSA 1.15BPF, Little League, Dixie, Baby Ruth, AABC and Pony baseball leagues. If your child is playing in any of these leagues, the bat will work well for them.

Power Maximization

This bat provides a balanced weight and a nice pop as a result of the big barrel.

It becomes easy for the player to maximize their power by achieving a massive sweet spot and unmatched bat speed when you are in the field.

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  • The bat made with Lightweight and durable ALX100 Military Grade Alloy 
  • It has a nice pop
  • The Bat has a Cushioned 2.2 mm FLEX grip
  • The bat offers a faster swing speed
  • Concave end cap


  • The bat seems heavier for a young player


Final Verdict

No matter how hard your child trains in baseball, if they do not have the right baseball bat, all these might be in vain. I know you do not want your little one to feel disappointed after training for long, and the performance is still stagnant.

 It is very simple; just get them this baseball bat that is designed for them and you will make them proud. In fact, this can be the best present that you can give your young player if they are fond of playing and excelling in baseball.

Many young players have used this Easton baseball bat, and they end up doing wonders in the field. The bat doesn’t cost that much, so I don’t find anything that will prevent you from acquiring it.



Israel Duke

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