Easton FP17HL12 Hyperlite 12 Fastpitch Softball Bat Review

Are you looking for the best baseball bat that will help improve the performance of your kid when playing? If this is what you want, go nowhere other than get the Easton FP17HL12 Hyperlite 12 Fastpitch Softball Bat. This bat is a well-crafted youth softball bat that delivers the best performance.

The bat supports super-fast swing speed with -13 lengths to weight ratio, which best matches kids under the age of 10. This bat is also engineered with a 7050 Aircraft alloy which gives the hitter a light swing weight while maintaining a great sweet spot for optimal performance at any level of play.

The following are some amazing features and benefits of this youth baseball bat that will make you consider choosing to buy this bat over the others for your kid.

Easton YB14S500 S500 Youth Baseball Bat Review

7050 Aircraft Alloy

This Baseball Bat is made of aluminum alloy 7050. This material is durable and very light in nature. This property gives this bat a super high quality that makes an extended sweet spot. Therefore, because of its 7050 alloy content, it is easier to swing, hard to break and produce more hitting power with lesser efforts.

Ultra-thin 29/32″ Handle with Pro Track Grip

Manufacturers have designed this product in such a way that the handle is so thin such that it best fits in the hands of these young players. The handle comes with a pro track grip which increases friction and improves the grip. This feature is crucial in that it eliminates the chance of the Bat slipping away from the hand and causing an accident or unnecessary injuries to the players.


Barrel size of 2 ¼ Inch

The barrel is the big rounded area which is used to hit the baseball during batting. Easton YB14S500 S500 Youth Baseball Bat has a larger barrel of diameter two ¼ inches. The larger barrel ensures that energy applied to the ball meets it with intended purposes. Thus, as a result of this, even a small force applied to the ball during batting will cause maximum swing speed and more hitting power. Since this the most important when playing baseball, I highly recommend that you try this product.

Light in Weight

This alloy is of light material, aluminum included. Therefore, the Baseball Bat itself is of light material. Lightweight increases swing speed as the player will not be fatigued when hitting the ball. He/she will not have to use more force to lift the bat while hitting the ball. In addition to this, it results in more hitting power and thus the overall efficiency of the player increases substantially.


This Bat comes in different lengths. Usually, it is 27 and 32 inches long. As a player, you have the option of choosing the best length according to your height. It is very importance to note that a child’s performance graph increases thanks to the length of the Bat. Therefore, his/her height, age, and weight should be taken and matched using the sizing chart to acquire the right length of the Bat for optimal performance.


  • No problem with denting or cracking
  • It is reasonably priced
  • It has ease of grip because of its pro track grip feature
  • It is light weight and durable
  • Provides a higher swing weight for rapid speed


  • The baseball bat tends to be noisy.



This Baseball Bat is an excellent product for youths who love batting. It is certified for use in appropriate leagues such as Little Leagues, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, AABC, and USSSA. Furthermore, it comes in lengths of 27 and 32 inches long, so you have the option of choosing the best length that suits you.

Again it is reasonably priced thus pocket-friendly because it is durable due to 7050 Aircraft Alloy make. I therefore highly recommend this product. Give it a trial and you will never think of buying other Bats again because it is simply the best.


Israel Duke

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