EASTON Rival -10 (2 1/4″) USA Youth Baseball Bat

Your kid is so much into baseball? As a parent, your obligation is to give your child the best. This is why I have provided you with an excellent baseball bat that you can give to your kid as a present. The Easton YB14S300 baseball bat will be ideal for helping your young player live their dream of a true sportsperson.

This bat made of a light material that will ensure that you kid find it easy to swing to hit the targeted ball with a lot of strength. This bat is also tiny and favorable to be held in the hand. Therefore, your kid will not have any difficulty when hitting the ball.

With this baseball bat, you are assured that your kid will take their baseball playing skills to a greater height. This review will help you know more about the features of this affordable baseball bat. Find out more information about this baseball bat.

Easton Yb14s300 Youth Baseball


Easton is the perfect baseball to purchase for your kid. It uses a light material that that is more convenient to swing. It is also small in size a feature that makes it the best of all bats for the youth. If your child is still struggling to aim at the ball because they are using a hefty bat, please solve their problems by purchasing this bat at a very affordable price.

Ultra-Thin Handle

This bat has a fragile handle. The handle is enclosed with a cushioned grip. The grip gives handle of the bat a soft layer. In the case of any vibration which is very rare, the cushion ensures that your hands are safe from such vibrations. I tried playing with my son’s bat and found it so soft. This will make you develop the confidence to hit the ball with a lot of energy.

It Is Affordable

If you realize that your kid is a true sportsperson and loves baseball so much, you can change their life with only $65. As a parent, you are obligated to give your child the best. How about buying them this affordable baseball bat? Be the best parent to your kid by giving them what will improve their life, especially if your kid loves playing baseball. As a parent, I did that already by purchasing this promising bat to my son.

Certified For Youth League

EASTON YB14S300 Youth baseball bat is certified for youth leagues. When you purchase is, you must ensure that it have a stamp stick on the bat that certifies it to for the youth leagues. If the stamp is missing, then your bat is scum, and you should return it immediately. Ensure that you buy your kid the best quality bat for the best results in the field.


Aircraft Alloy (7046)

The baseball bat is made of a light material that will enhance the speed at which you swing the bat without any inconvenience. This material makes the bat light so that you can achieve the furthest distance after hitting the ball. Your kid will enjoy playing using this bat hence enhancing their experience as sportspersons. Therefore, this is the best and recommended bat for the youth.


  • It is very cheap and affordable.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is approved and certified for the youth leagues.
  • It is small and convenient.
  • The handle has a cushioned grip which ensures that it is soft.


  • Only recommended for youth league


When my son started using this bat, I realized that his baseball experience was improving. He could hit the targeted ball with a lot of strength. I admire him when he swings the bat. His friend will always come to visit him just to have a chance to play using my son’s bat. It is an amazing bat, and I appreciate the technology behind it.

The cushioned grip in the hand makes the handle soft and minimizes any vibration caused when you hit the ball. Since my son is just nine and can play conveniently with this bat, then the bat must be so light and comfortable ton use. So, it is upon you to ensure that your kid gets the best.


Israel Duke

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