Easton S1 Senior League Baseball Bat -10oz SL15S110 Review

Easton Baseball Bat Review

Baseball is my favorite game. I find it enjoyable with my new Easton bat. Easton S1 Senior League Baseball Bat is the perfect bat to use when you want to hit your targeted ball. It is light enough to give a comfortable swing. It has a carbon handle which will allow you hold it firm for a perfect hit.

It also allows a strong hit of the ball to the furthest end. The bat is attractive with the yellow color which perfectly blends with the black color. You can easily spot it from a distance. It measures a dimension of 31″. So, it is suitable to use. It is light and weighs less.

This feature makes it possible to swing easily to hit the targeted ball. The bat is also affordable; for only $$$, you can purchase it and enjoy every bit of your game.



This bat is light and easy to swing without experiencing any inconvenience. This bat will help you gain confidence when hitting your ball.

You can achieve the furthest hit when you hit your target ball correctly. Because of this lightweight, it is the best bat to be used by kids who are passionate about baseball.

It will aid and boost their hitting power and gain stamina while targeting their ball. Therefore, this is the recommended baseball bat to purchase to have the best experience.

 Composite Barrel

Easton S1 Senior League Baseball Bat has composite barrel which will ensure that you have a sweet spot to achieve the maximum performance.

This baseball bat is perfect when it comes to locating your targeted ball. Once the ball rushes towards you, a composed swing will enable you high the ball in the right manner hence achieving your baseball goals.

Ultra-Thin Composite Handle

This baseball bat has a ultra-thin handle which will allow you to hold the bat firm whenever you want to hit your targeted ball. An incidence where a baseball bat leaves your hand after hitting the targeted ball comes down to zero percent. The handle will minimize the friction between your palm and the baseball bat hence giving you a perfect chance to hit the ball with all your strength.

Two Piece Connection Technology

This technology will allow maximum energy transfer from the bottom to the top of the baseball bat, therefore, enhance the speed of the bat. When you hit the ball, you will feel a sweet spot which will, in turn, maximize the performance of the bat. When you finally hit your targeted ball, you will achieve maximum height and distance. I prefer and recommend this baseball bat to everyone who loves to play baseball.

It Is Affordable

Considering the performance of  Easton S1 Senior League Baseball Bat, this bat comes at the perfect price. When you purchase this bat, you will enjoy incredible features that can be equated to the initial price. This baseball bat is rated the best among the numerous baseball bats. It enables the player to have more barrels in the heating point. I will recommend this baseball bat to anyone who loves to play baseball. It is the best.



  • It is lightweight therefore easy to swing.
  • Composite barrel for a sweet spot
  • It is affordable.
  • It has the USSSA 1.15 BPF certified stamp.
  • Speed design for low M.O.I and faster swing speeds


  • It has some vibrations.

Expound your experience in baseball by purchasing this baseball bat at a very affordable price. The carbon handle is perfectly fixed at the bottom to allow you hold it perfectly. The carbon handle will ensure that the baseball bat does not slide from your hand. This has reduced the number of accidents reported of one being hit by a bat.

This bat is also lightweight to ensure that you have a perfect and comfortable swing whenever you want to hit the ball. You will, therefore, the perfect strike of the ball without much struggle. Customers have appreciated this bat, and it slips in among the top baseball bats. Purchase this product and enjoy your baseball career.


Israel Duke

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