DeMarini Voodoo One BBCOR Baseball Bat Review

DeMarini Voodoo One BBCOR Baseball Bat

This is the most highly rated baseball bat among many others on the market. Ranging from its affordable price,
DeMarini Voodoo One BBCOR Baseball Bat will give you the best and quality batting experience. It has a new velocity system barrel which generates a lot of power that will increase the speed at which you hit the ball. It is light enough to allow you swing to get the best shot.

The bat has used of a low profile cap. The cap will absorb and reduce vibration whenever you hit the ball. This bat produces a pop sound which makes it more realistic and sweet. It is the perfect bat to buy for your kid who has more passion for baseball. Its length makes it convenient to use among the kids.

Those who have bought this bat for their kids have appreciated its performance. Parents have rated it 5-star regarding performance.

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Composite Handle

It has a handle which will allow the user to have a stable shot. For you to achieve the maximum height when shooting your targeted ball, you have to ensure that you hold your baseball bat in a stabilized position.

With this type of a bat, your stability is booted hence best getting the best shots. For your kid to advance their stability and best shot, purchase this baseball bat at an affordable price and help them improve their sporting career.



DeMarini Voodoo One BBCOR Baseball Bat is made of a light material which will allow you to have a more comfortable swing. This will allow you gather speed to have a strong hit of the ball. This baseball bat suits kids. They find it easy to swing and hit the ball.

I love playing with my kid and watch how easy he finds it to swing and hit the ball without missing. I love the strength that he uses to hit the ball at such a tender age.

New Velocity Barrel Design

This bat aims to combine both power and speed to achieve the best pop when you hit the targeted ball. The barrel is correctly structured to allow you make the best shot. When my kid plays around, I find myself attracted to watch and throw him the ball. The energy he uses is quite pleasing for a nine-year-old kid. The ball picks a very fast speed once the bat hits it. This bat, therefore, worth buying at an affordable price.

Alloy Barrel For Thinner Walls

The barrel has got a thinner wall to allow you keep the weight down and open the sweet spot when we lift the bat up to hit the ball. This will make it comfortable to hit the ball correctly to achieve the maximum height and distance. Support your kid by purchasing this baseball bat that will ensure that your child expounds their skills on how to hit their targets. It will also allow them to have the best and perfect swing to hit the ball with a lot of strength.

Ultra Thin Composite Handle

This baseball bat has got a thin composite handle which allows the user to hold it in place before hitting the targeted ball. This handle consists of rubber that ensures that the bat is held firm in the hand. The hand, therefore, will reduce chances of it coming out of the user’s hands and cause an accident. This handle is designed to make the bat remain in your hand after having a successful hit.



  • It gives a fast swing speed.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Turning handle helps achieve high heights.
  • Very attractive and kids love it.
  • It has a warranty.


  • It easily loses its pop.


I totally recommend that this baseball bat is the best to purchase for your kids to improve their baseball skills. Since kids learn so fast, it will only take them roughly four weeks to find out how to use this product. The bat has a large diameter barrel which will boost the height of the ball. The ball will fly further if you get the correct hit.

My kid amazed me when I finally bought this bat for him. He took his first hit correctly and wondered whether it was his skills, or the bat was too much perfect. He has adapted to it and a day cannot pass without him practicing with his bat. Therefore, this bat is highly recommended for your kid who is so passionate about baseball.

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