DeMarini – 2019 Uprising 2 1/2″ Balanced USA Baseball Bat

I have always heard people complain about the choice of the best baseball bat to buy for their kids.

People usually have problems choosing the best one among the many especially if they don’t have vast knowledge.

If you are in that category, and you are looking for a bat that will be accepted for use in little leagues and all other youth baseball associations then look no further than DeMarini – 2019 Uprising 2 1/2″ Balanced USA Baseball Bat

I bought this bat for my niece last year, and I thank God it has never disappointed her. In fact, it has made her improve her baseball skills tremendously.

This bat is constructed using DX1 Alloy built alloy which makes it lighter and most preferred by youths.

It also has a hybrid performance grip which ensures that it does not slip off your hand during play.

The safety of your young ones is therefore taken care of. This bat has the following unique feature:

DeMarini 2014 Uprising Little League Baseball Bat (-12)

Barrel Size of 2 ¼ Inch

DeMarini – 2019 Uprising 2 1/2″ Balanced USA Baseball Bat has a larger barrel of diameter two ¼ inches.

The larger barrel ensures that energy applied to the ball meets it with intended purposes.

This results in maximum swing speed and more hitting power since only a small force is needed during batting.

Since this is the most crucial factor when playing baseball, I highly recommend that you try this baseball bat.

DX1 Alloy And BPF Features

BPF stands for Bat Performance Factor. This Bat meets all the standard requirement of USSSA 1.15 BPF certification.

According to laws and regulations of bat design, this model is considered legal for use in little leagues as it meets all the legal requirements and it is 1.15 BPF certified and stamped as well.

Again DX1 Alloy barrel construction feature delivers great balance and fracture toughness for long lasting performance. This gives the bat durability over time.

Light In Weight

The Bat consists of the DX1 alloy.  This alloy is of light material.

Therefore, the Baseball Bat itself is of light material. Lightweight increases swing speed and enhance a perfect balance of high KSI strength.

Because of this light weight, the player will not have to use more energy when lifting the bat while hitting the ball.

In addition to this, it results in more hitting power and thus the overall efficiency of the player is increased substantially.

Drop 10-11 (Length-to-Weight Ratio)

The length to weight ratio of this product is minus 10-11 ounces. According to the match table, this Drop is suitable for persons under 7 years of age.

Therefore, this bat meets all the requirements of being used in the little leagues and all youth baseball associations.

Therefore, when you are planning to purchase a bat for a kid less than seven year of age, then  DeMarini – 2019 Uprising 2 1/2″ Balanced USA Baseball Bat is the better option.


  • It is very balanced
  • Very responsive when playing
  • It has noticeable sweet spot
  • It is durable
  • It is well made


  • It dents easily
  • A bit noisy when you hit the ball very hard

Final Verdict

As a summary, DeMarini – 2019 Uprising 2 1/2″ Balanced USA Baseball Bat  is a great bat for youths.

With the larger barrel size for a great sweet spot, aluminum alloy hand for lightweight, hybrid performance grip and many more other features described above.

This bat proves to be better although it is a bit noisy and dents easily. But the careful use will result in service of a lifetime.

This bat is liked by so many despite its drawbacks. It is a good starter bat, and younger hitters should see an improvement in making contact which should build confidence in them. I recommend it for youths.

Israel Duke

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